Twelve o’ clock rock

As well as the picturesque old engine house of Alice we also have views on to Trink Hill which lies between the hamlet of Cripplesease and Trink. A Round Barrow exists at the summit, an OS Trig point within it which you can just about make out to the left on the photo below. To the right of the trig point is Twelve O’Clock Rock,  a granite outcrop, supposed to be an unusual ‘logan stone’ in that it can only be rocked at midnight.


According to local folklore, the rock has certain unusual powers. One story says that the stone, which can not be rocked like some local ‘logan stones’, would rock like a cradle at exactly midnight. Another version says that the stone will turn when it hears the cock crow or church bells striking. Another tradition says that a child would be cured of rickets if it was placed upon the rock at midnight, provided that the child was not ‘misbegotten’.

DSCF4001I have yet to work out how to get closer to the rock. There does not appear to be any direct route from this side of the hill although there are several farm tracks. I’m not sure if the farmer is likely to take a shotgun to me if I attempt an approach from here.


But I do intend to find a way…


  1. Tell me you didn’t start singing Bill Haley style when you heard the name of the rock. Or is that just me?

    1. Heyjude says:

      Of course it is just you… 😀

      (Actually I almost mentioned the song, but fortunately some of us are more restrained. Ahem…

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