An Evening Walk in April


Only a few yards from our new home we get a sea view over St Ives bay and the Godrevy lighthouse near Hayle. Now that April is here the fields are starting to fill up with sheep and cattle.


In some instances both sharing the same pasture (this one with Trencrom Hill in the background).


The light was so lovely and clear and there was very little breeze so on a whim (as in not wearing the proper walking boots and no poles) we decided to leap(!!) over a stile and head up the hill in the hope of seeing a decent sunset. Avoiding the mud and boggy bits as best as we could (this is why you need to be wearing proper boots!)


we approached the summit in time to see the sun sink behind the hill. To the west the sky and clouds took on the reddish glow, whilst in the east soft pink and lilac tones appeared.


Heading back down the lane before it became too dark we were treated to a blood-red cloud, silhouetting the farmyard and lane perfectly.




  1. restlessjo says:

    Beautiful Jude! Nothing like a lovely sunset xx

    1. Heyjude says:

      The sunsets are lovely from the back garden. Nice to have a west facing house again.

  2. Gorgeous. I did a similar thing the other night but in my case I was climbing up my backyard to get a good shot of the sunset. 🙂 There are some advantages to living on a hill, I guess.

    1. Heyjude says:

      It doesn’t feel so high, until you approach from the east and see the hills in the distance and realise that one of them is ours! Well not ours exactly. We don’t actually own it.

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